North Carolina, NC

North Carolina, the 28th largest state, was originally part of the Province of Carolina alongside South Carolina before their separation in the early 18th century.  One of the original Thirteen Colonies, North Carolina was the site of the famous Roanoke Colony whose inhabitants mysteriously vanished between 1587 and 1590; their fate is still debated.  The state was also the host for the first successful pre-modern aircraft flight in history at Kitty Hawk.

North Carolina was an agricultural state for most of its history although its economy has since diversified in recent decades to include manufacturing and technology development among other fields.  North Carolina is a popular tourist destination for outdoor excursions such as hiking in the Appalachians and visiting the state’s Atlantic beaches.  Sports venues and the exploration of historic sites is also a common tourist pastime.

North Carolina’s population maintains moderate density throughout the state although the largest concentrations can be found in the central third of North Carolina; primarily around Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro.

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